Text Documents

textdocsACS digitizes all types and sizes of business documents which improves the sharing and managing of digital files within your business while at the same time increasing useable office space. To help your business efficiency, we offer several conversion services including Optical Character Recognition, which greatly enhances file search ability, bate numbering for added security and indexing. At ACS, our small format scanners incorporate the latest technologies to achieve consistent, high quality scanned images. After scanning, our Quality Control personnel views each individual scan to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Whether it is small format, large format, business cards, film negatives, photographs or even tracing paper, we are able to digitize all types and sizes of documents or images. Our trained technicians follow the strictest quality assurance standards to ensure each scanned image meets our client’s specifications.

Legal Documents

When you need fast and secured litigation scanning, ACS Document Imaging will provide your firm with unparalleled service and quality. Our advanced scanning equipment and our highly trained technicians allow us to complete all litigation services at our secured facility, giving our clients more control and an overall lower cost. We offer a variety of litigation services including; generating load files, bate numbering, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and electronic stamping. When managing legal documents, privacy and security are very important. At ACS, we incorporate non-disclosure agreements with each job, alleviating any concern for loss, theft or unauthorized access of your legal documents.

Medical Documents

Digitizing medical documents will help increase the office efficiencies by generating files that are able to be viewed by multiple users, able to be easily searched by keywords or phrases, and able to be indexed in a more secured and accurate file management system. Whether it is a single document or 100,000 documents, ACS Document Imaging is capable of converting thousands of documents per day. To help your business navigate through the mass amounts of information, we offer optical character recognition (OCR) and bate numbering to further enhance file search ability and security. ACS adheres to state and Federal HIPPA regulations as well as enforcing non-disclosure agreements with our staff in order to protect our client’s privacy.