Photographs & 35mm Negative Film

photos35mmOnce a photograph or a negative is lost or destroyed, it is gone forever. To help retain your priceless memories, ACS can digitally convert these photographs and negatives quickly and efficiently. By digitally converting traditional photographs or negatives, you are able to share and manage all the images and memories in a centralized location. Besides photographs and negatives, ACS Document Imaging is capable of converting jacketed slides, film strips, 35mm negatives or 16mm roll film and many other types of imaging into PDF, JPEG, or TIFF digital file formats. Let us know which format is suitable for you and we will be more than happy to convert the digitized images into the appropriate file format. Our successful restoration of historical photographs and experience archiving negatives is the reason the United States Bureau of Reclamation repeatedly chooses ACS Document Imaging as a primary contractor for their archiving needs.