Aperture Cards, Microfiche & Microfilm

Aperture Cards, Microfiche and Microfilm are still considered the most effective devices for long term storage of massive amounts of information. Digitizing and indexing the mass amounts of information from aperture cards, microfilm and microfiche can be overwhelming. To better suite our clients, ACS generates a file indexing structure that mimics exactly how the information was stored on the aperture cards, microfilm or microfiche. By digitally replicating the file structuring, we are able to maintain the file indexing integrity as well as eliminating the need for out dated machines needed to view the stored information. Once an aperture card, microfilm or microfiche is digitally converted, multiple users are able to access the information from different locations. Our scanning equipment utilizes the latest technology that is designed specifically for 16mm and 35mm film rolls, as well as, various microfiche and jacketed microfilm. Along with converting the information stored on aperture cards and microfiche, we also provide both bi-tonal and gray-scale imaging for microfilm. After the digital conversion process is complete, the digital files can be saved as PDF, Tiff or any other major file formats and later transferred to a flash drive, hard drive, CD, or DVD!